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If you do not wish to enter each individual transaction since the beginning of the year, this form is intended to get you caught up with year to date figures associated with your business.  It allows you to enter up to 7 categories of cumulative year to date revenues.  You will need identify a year to date cut-off date and compile the totals that you will enter on this form.  You must complete at least one category line.  If you have no year to date revenues to report, Just put 0.00 in the "Revenue Category 1" amount box.  If you have more than 7 categories of income you wish to track, submit the first 7 and then return to this page and fill in another form for the other remaining categories:

Business Account Number:

Your cumulative cut-off date:

The Year To Date Income Breakdowns are as follows:

Revenue Category 1:   $   

Category 1 Description:


Revenue Category 2:   $   

Category 2 Description:


Revenue Category 3:   $   

Category 3 Description:


Revenue Category 4:   $   

Category 4 Description:


Revenue Category 5:   $   

Category 5 Description:


Revenue Category 6:   $   

Category 6 Description:


Revenue Category 7:   $   

Category 7 Description:

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