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Please fill in the information from your W-2. If you have more than one W-2, complete this page for each one separately and click the submit button at the bottom after entering information from each W-2.

W-2 info needed:

 Your e-mail address:       

Check box if wages reported to:Taxpayer or Spouse

Box 1:      Box 2:  

Box 3:      Box 4:  

Box 5:      Box 6:  

Box 7:      Box 8:  

Box 9:      Box 10: 

Box 11:    Box 12a:

                                       Box 12b:

                                       Box 12c:

                                       Box 12d:

Box 13 Statutory Employee:

Box 13 Retirement Plan:

Box 13 Third Party Sick Pay:

Box 14:

Box 14:

Box 14:

Box 14:

Box 15 State 1 Abbreviation:

Box 15 State 1 ID Number:

Box 16 State 1 Wages:

Box 17 State 1 Income Tax:

Box 18 Local 1 Wages:

Box 19 Local 1 Tax:

Box 20 Locality 1 Name:

Sometimes W-2's may report more than one state's wages and withheld taxes.  If your w-2 reported more than one state's wages and taxes, complete the following boxes as well.  Otherwise, disregard the following boxes:

Box 15 State 2 Abbreviation:

Box 15 State 2 ID Number:

Box 16 State 2 Wages:

Box 17 State 2 Income Tax:

Box 18 Local 2 Wages:

Box 19 Local 2 Tax:

Box 20 Locality 2 Name:


Comments or questions you want to send with this W-2 details:

After completing the information for one w-2, please review your entries and then click on the submit button below.  Just click on the submit button once to view and confirm the information you are about to send.

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